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Dyson Efficient Vacuum Cleaners

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Dyson is known to have to most energy efficient vacuum cleaners; the DC24 has a small motor of 650 watts that is equivalent to the performance of a full sized machine. The Dyson products are known for their ball manoeuvring, as it is much easier to move around your house compared to the awkward back and fourth motion of a wheeled vacuum. The motor of a Dyson sits inside the ball and not only saves space but also gives it a greater control of movement. Dyson vacuum cleaners are lighter than most other vacuums coming in at just 5.4kg. It is much easier to carry it around your house whether you have stairs or any other annoying obstacles. An issue with the vacuums that the consumers have said is that the handle is not the right shape and it makes it uncomfortable to hold and is quite hard to put force on the machine, however it does come with an adjustable height which is vital for the taller person. The Dyson vacuums come with a trigger bin emptying system and with a press of a button all the dust and dirt is emptied into the bin. Due to the product being so small and compact a negative aspect is the amount of bin space provided, as you are required to empty the vacuum very regularly. Another negative would have to be the cord length. Consumers have complained that it is too small and that they have to change power points every so often. Dyson is environmentally friendly as it has an energy efficient motor, the engineers aims so make more with less, creating better designs that use less raw materials. Each component on the machine contributes to the overall performance. They are working on compacting the vacuums for example the motor is now a third of the size of a conventional brushed motor, which helps reduce the size. One of their latest models the cordless DC30 weighs in at just 1,2kg that is an improvement on one of their older models the DC16 that weighs in at 1.55kg. All Dyson vacuum products are also bag less which is very environmentally friendly as vacuums that do require bags these days are usually made out of plastic and can not be broken down for hundreds of years and therefore are left to sit in landfill`. Dyson strives on long lasting machinery as all of their products go through a rigorous performance, reliability and endurance-testing program. Dyson has offered a minimal 5-year guarantee across all of their products.

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