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Eng101 Editorial of Second Amendment

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Victoria Olatunji


31 January 2019

Assignment #3: Editorial of Second Amendment

Plagued by violent crimes, mass shootings, school massacres, and a plethora of killings, the United States has become the center of gun violence. This growing epidemic is partly a matter of liberal gun laws, partially encouraged by the second amendment. The Second Amendment is a primary obstacle to gun control because it impedes the government's ability to regulate the sale and possession of firearms and it stifles the discussion of sensible gun laws.

        In the last thirteen years, there have been more than two hundred mass killings in the United States, occurring at a rate of one every two weeks since 2006. The statistics of gun violence are alarming; Over 100,000 people are victims of a gunshot wound each year and more than 30,000 of those victims lose their lives and approximately 70% of all homicide in 2017 were committed with a gun.

It is true that stricter gun laws would not have prevented these tragedies. But is likely that stricter measures could have minimized the number of casualties and number of incidents. Unquestionably, repealing the second amendment will not create a perfect crime-free society, nor will stricter gun laws create a world devoid of violence. However, We can create a safer world for our children and families. A world where fewer people die from gun violence. the law should not hinder the rights of its citizens however it should address and prioritize the safety and well being of citizens by implementing remedial laws regarding this ongoing tragedy.

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