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English 102 - Climate Change Full Argument

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Amr Hisham Omar

Professor Robbins

English 102 sec-C

April 14, 2016

Climate Change Full Argument

     As the days go by, global warming remains a major concern around the world due to its miserable results and threatening consequences in the future. Transportation, burned fossil fuels, wasted energy, and the growth of harmful carbohydrate foods, carry the blame for their noticeable effects on the atmosphere. Solutions have been clearly suggested and proven to assist this misery in decreasing climate change’s actions such as, substituting our transportation routine, using energy efficiently, and decreasing the amount of fossil fuels to be burned by factories per year. Regarding the transportation routine and fossil fuels burned, several negative arguments have placed doubt on whether really both decisions can be served as answers for climate change. Many individuals appeared from the opposing view and have mentioned that these solutions may cause even more damage and may seem impossible to accomplish due to their hidden disadvantages and side effects, which will be later, explained.  I strongly support the fact, that every serious matter should be questioned no matter how convinced people are. Yet, changing our transportation routine and reducing our fossil fuels burned, will easily present outstanding results and a dominant key to global warming based on specific examples and clear evidence provided.

            Concerning the transportation movement, several individuals see that approaching transportation in a different way may decrease our chances of facing global warming consequences. Most importantly, many rewards will appear from these actions. First of all, individuals will be able to store the money they used to spend on gas in order to fill up their vehicles. Second of all, communities will be more motivated and prepared to exercise based on their change of transportation such as, cycling, walking etc… Third point is the people’s enjoyment of fresh air after possible limitation of Co2. Last but not least, citizens will be cutting off a huge amount of carbon emissions in the atmosphere, step by step saving our environment. According to Harmony’s article, How to drive down your transportation footprint, she explains that certain countries in Europe have been already following this lifestyle. The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Sweden are known for their heavy use of cycling as their transport. Harmony suggests that by the year 2022, most of these countries will be surprisingly car-free. This argument clearly proves that transportation can be converted into a protector of the environment as a start-up movement for dealing with carbon emissions released in the air.

Furthermore, according to the Bicycle website, the typical American family spends around $8000 a year just for operating and owning a car. However a bicycle would cost around $300, used more efficiently, and would last for several years. In addition to this, pollution created by cars can cause numerous disadvantages such as, lung cancer, urban smog and the spread of Co2 in the atmosphere. Again, cycling is a pollution-free process that needs lesser amount of energy. Damages and negatives appearing from settling in America with a car would only increase year by year for example, extreme energy use, pollution, expensive costs, and most unfortunate traffic miseries. This openly demonstrates the major disadvantages and harmful lifestyles every American should deal with. Change of transportation is available for each individual at any moment. The solution is clearly visible and extremely beneficial.

This movement could only be managed with the encouragement and motivation of the society. Especially with cycling, cities would have to promote this kind of idea with all its benefits and positivity surrounding it. For instance, reducing bicycle’s prices, informing people about the healthy results of exercising, and most importantly educating individuals about global warming for the result of decreasing their carbon footprint. With specific knowledge spread around societies, People would get inspired and motivated enough in order, to start decreasing their own carbon footprint and even spread the message around. However, other characters argue negatively around the transportation process. They view this method as incapable to deal with the great number of greenhouse gases in the air. They believe that its too late to remove the consequences of global warming and many individuals may not be able to have the encouragement in order to follow this trend. Yet, the transportation cycle has been known for being one of the major causes of carbon emissions leakage. Working on fixing our transportation routine, would truly not save us from the global warming consequences however, it will surely lessen the damages and threats arising on our world.

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