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English 1301 Evaluation

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Daniela Cucalon


English 1301

 March 6,2019

Manuel Munoz

Munozs essay, “Leave Your Name at the Border,” he wrote this essay at a time in the United States when illegal immigration was causing a lot of dispute. Many Americans had an extreme disgust towards all immigrants, especially Mexicans. This could explain one motive Mexican names were being translated to their English equivalents. Even Munoz and other Mexicans would say their own names in English as an “unwittingly complicit gesture of trying to blend in.” he expected Americans would recognize the importance of the Mexican Americans names to their identities. He wanted them to give Mexican Americans the respect they justified as human beings, starting with using their real names. 

I have seen that same kind of conduct from the family of a successful man who was a friend of my father. When we would go out to eat with his family they would speak English out loud, but Spanish at home in private . I believe most of our generation should be able to understand a little bit of Spanish in a way they can get the point Spanish Spearkers  are trying across . I know in my high school foreign language was require, but it could be substituted I believe that all of our high schools must require at least two years of foreign language.

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