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English Rhetorical Analysis on Research

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Cindy Maese

English 101

24 May 2017

Rhetorical Analysis

Rhetorical Purpose

In this essay, I wanted to find out the reason for which people are selfish and only care about money. Money is a tool that can make or break you and it was important to me to find out if that was a reason for the people’s behavior. This paper was written to understand how money can make people come out to be.

Chunk Analysis

I begin the essay with a problem statement giving out my main argument. I do this so that the reader has an idea of what is going to be my main focus of the paper. I tried making a connection between the Pinsker and Weingarten articles. Also in this chunk, I explain more of what the “Just Looking at Money Makes People Selfish and Less Social” is about and the kinds of experiments that were done to help understand the reason behind my main argument. I Stated that a reason for why people did what they did to Bell might have been because of what the experiment proved.

In my first actual chunk, I transition into my first idea. The first idea is about how people aren’t interested in the dollar bill itself but what it represents. I put in examples from the two articles to support my claim. I put in a quote by Pinsker in paragraph 3 saying “Thinking about money forces people into a business mentality, a mindset in which it’s considered advantageous to hide your feelings.” This I used to help guide the reader to understand more of what I am trying to say and also to leave them thinking because that quote left me thinking of what it could really mean. I then conclude this chunk with supporting the last quote I just told you about by writing what I thought it meant. In my next chunk which is my third I go into detail about my next idea being how American culture is more influenced by money then European culture and I tried to make a connection between what Slatkin who was a person from the “Pearls Before Breakfast” from what he said about Europe. I then tried to explain further what Slatkin meant and explain further quotes I had used from the Pinsker article.


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