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Ethics Policy as a Teacher

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Yes, there was an Ethics Policy as the teacher I was to strive personally and

professionally in ways that reflected respect for one another and to do whatever it was in my

capacity to protect the right of each child to be able to have the freedom and opportunity to

develop his or her full potential. As their teacher I was to encourage independent action in

learning, protect the health and safety of each student, honor professional commitments and

maintain obligations, never to involve students or their parents in schemes for commercial gain

and keep in confidence each students' information that has been secured in the course of

professional service. Also, as a Montessori educator to share in the responsibility for developing

a policy and in fulfilling these goals I was to support Montessori beliefs and not misrepresent its

policies. As the Montessori educator I was to make efforts to raise professional standards and

conditions to attract persons worthy of trust to careers in Montessori education. Yes, every

month we would meet at a restaurant or owners home to have an openly discussion on ethics and

any other concerns.

▪ Obeying the law, rules and regulations

▪ Integrity of recording and reporting our financial results

▪ Respecting human rights

▪ Delivering quality services

▪ Pursue excellence by competing ethically through superior performance

▪ Respecting diversity and fair employment practices

▪ Avoiding conflicts of interest or conduct that might compromise judgment

▪ Protecting assets and properly maintain the confidentiality of information

▪ Acting with integrity not offering or accepting bribes or inappropriate gifts

▪ Engage in business practices that are consistent with our ethics and values

▪ Safeguarding the health and safety of every one and protecting the environment

I believe the ability for us to achieve our full performance goals it all depends on each of

us embracing our core values which are customer orientation, people, trust, respect, dignity, and

integrity. We must make the customers the focus of everything we do, recognize that they are

our most valued resource, have the confidence to rely that others will do the right thing, treat

each and every one with the respect and consideration, honor the pride and self-esteem of others,

and that we all should be honest and ethical.

In the organization I worked for A Young's Montessori Academy there was a reading

program for struggling students that in my opinion needed more improvement. With no teacher

support the student sat in front of the computer doing exercise after exercise. The principal

believed in the program and expected me to tell the parents that adequate interventions are in

place to help the children succeed. Meanwhile, I keep seeing the students who were already

struggling falling farther behind. I did not want to reject or criticize a learning tool that the

principal believed in.

I kept thinking to myself, what can I do? So, I began by think, what I like and what does

the program do, and how could I get the most out of this program to engage the students more.

Then I began to think if a group challenge or prize would be motivating for the students. May

some at the computer and others could do some mini lessons. So, I sat down and had a talk with

the principal that additions to the reading recovery program would greatly improve results and


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