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Fighting the War on Medical Marijuana

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Justin Marine

English 101

15 March 2008

Fighting The War On Medical Marijuana

The war on medical marijuana is a very broad topic because they’re many different reason why people would pro on medical marijuana and then they’re are people that don’t feel that patients should be prescribed medical marijuana. Reasons for patients getting prescribed this drug is because patients feel its relieves some of their problems due to certain diseases or illness’s. There was an article written by Andrew T. Weil that was published in the “Arizona Star” called “We Must Stop The War On Medical Marijuana” and this article is the reason for why I am writing the paper. Andrew puts out many different reasons why people would be for it and why people wouldn’t be against it, but Andrew personally is for it. The war on medical marijuana is a very interesting topic because it deals with many people and organizations and it mainly effects the patients that need this medicine and because of the laws trying to be passed, they can get their medicine as easily as they should be able to get them. There are many different opinions on this subject because there are so many reasons why it should be outlawed and why it should be easy to get for the people that need it.

The government has a lot to do with what goes on today’s society. They control many things; one subject that they definitely control and has been a problem for many years is the war on drugs. Illegal drugs such as acid, cocaine, marijuana, and many other illegal drugs. Through out the years many different drugs have become out lawed, but one drug that involves the government and people is Marijuana. Marijuana has been an illegal drug for a long time, and its illegal in many different states. All states have different laws on it, but plain and simple its illegal in all states. There are a few states that allow marijuana but only if its medical marijuana and is prescribed to the patient. Each year the government tries to completely outlaw marijuana in all states even medical, which brings me to the point on why there is a war on medical marijuana. The government doesn’t realize that people would suffer with out it, and that some people really do need it. This brings me to my next point, which is how there are so many people that still smoke marijuana for non-medical purposes. In college alone, you can honestly find it anywhere. You read in the “police beat” all the time about kids getting busted for smoking marijuana. Honestly, most of my own friends smoke marijuana. This goes on not only in North America but also all over the world, but the US government has no say on what other countries do. Marijuana is such a big problem in America these days because you can go anywhere and find it. Even though its illegal you can still find it anywhere.

People have mixed emotions about the subject on medical marijuana. There are doctors out there that really wish that they could prescribe their patients marijuana but some doctors feel otherwise and don’t think its necessary. Personally, I feel that the doctors that aren’t for it just don’t understand how it really helps the patients, and that if it didn’t help them then why would the patients ask for it. According to the article, patients are prescribed medical marijuana because it relieves nausea, and weight loss and other symptoms caused by diseases such as aids, cancer and multiple sclerosis. Doctors and scientist have done a lot of research on this and they have found it does help relieve the patients of their problems. The man who wrote this article happens to be a doctor, and Andrew is for it and puts up a very good and strong point in the article on why patients deserve to be able to get it easily, just like getting any other medications. The point he puts up is that the patients that do need it should be able to get it easily

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