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Global Terrorism

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Some three thousands innocent civilian deaths were accounted for in the past terrorism attacks on the September 11, 2001. Do you think that’s a problem? Despite, other global problems such as pollution, natural disasters, and global warming, terrorism tops all problems with the world we live in today because it results in many innocent lives, social issues, as well retaliation. This is an issue that has shown up all over the world and effects many countries. It seems to never stop only escalating into many of these problems discussed.

On September 11,2001, terrorism attacks on our own native soil destroyed, our nations head financial district (World Trade Towers) as well as a section of the Pentagon. These attacks were planned abroad, by ruthless terrorists and executed almost perfectly. Four domestic airplanes on flights across the country all with highjackers on board, crashed into their targets accept for the plane that was headed for the white house. It crashed into a field in rural Pennsylvania town. As a result all two hundred and sixty-six crewmembers and passengers were killed. That was just the numbers for the people on board the airliners. The World Trade Towers collapsed killing thousands of people. A section of the pentagon was also collapsed. Many peoples loved ones were on board those airliners or at work in their office. It was a horrifying and devastating day for many people around the world, especially those who live in America. Unfortunately, these weren’t the only problems arise.

After the attacks on our country, many people around the world were quick to stereotype all Muslims as the threat to terrorism. This is a big issue that we have been trying to separate. Racial disputes between Muslims and Christians were elevated. There was even an incident where many Muslim and non-Muslim were beaten and even killed as a result of religion extremists. This even showed up here in the United States where everybody is supposed to be treated equally. The media had stories of Mosque being burned and Muslims being mistreated by government officials. Like other nation, here in the United States the national security was increased. This resulted in civil regulations that affect all civilians. It reduced people’s freedoms and civil liberties. This has brought about problems about the human rights of these nations citizens. These problems will continue to occur, because the governments have to protect their citizens.

Along with these others problems terrorism also causes retaliation. The violence does not stop. As soon as a country is attacked it quickly gets together to see who, what, and why these events took place. The governments start making enemies. People who they think could have started all of this. Then the country makes a military move

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