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God Is Real and God Created the World

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Have you ever sat down and asked yourself, How did the universe start? Take a moment and Ask yourself this question, could you drop a drinking glass on the sidewalk and expect that it would hit the ground and it would not shatter, instead it would divide up into little small drinking glasses, with iced tea in them? Of course not. Imagine if a tornado came through a junkyard and tore through the old cars, would it leave behind a nice new Mercedes with the engine running and no parts left around? Nope. After considering all of the above, how could we look at the universe above us through a telescope, and then think that all of this came from a result of a "big bang" or some "accident?" Of all religions, beliefs and scientific theories, I believe in the one and only Allah (god), who created life and everything inside it. “And it is Allah who created the heavens and the Earth in six days, and His Throne had been (before that) upon water (Hood, 11: 7). the Holy Quran mentions that water preceded the creation of the heavens and the Earth. water preceded the formation of our solar system, as scientists concluded in their most recent research. You might be asking yourself, what proof do you have that proves Allah created the universe? The answer to this question is, The Holy Quran. There is no other book like it anywhere on earth. It has no mistakes in grammar, meanings or context. Predictions in the Quran have come true,and its teachings are clearly for all people, all places and all times. The Quran was so powerful, it was passed down from mouth to ear and from one nation to another. there are over nine million Muslims today, who have memorized the Quran and it's recitations. One quote from the Quran is,“Creator of the heavens and the earth from nothingness, He has only to say when He wills a thing: “Be,” and it is} [Al-Baqarah:117] and, {That is how God creates what He wills, when He decrees a thing, He says “Be,” and it is} [Aal `Imran:47]. In other words, Allah created the heavens and the earth, the sun and the moon, and the rest of the universe. He created the plants and the animals, and placed them on Earth, and He decreed upon them the laws by which the natural order of all creation functions. Allah created animals to spend their lifetime looking for food to eat and survive each day as best they could. Allah gave animals a brain, not intended to be used. For example, have you ever seen a gang of rabbits with their own tools killing a wolf? In this world there is no such thing. Instead, Allah gave humans the ability to use their brains. Over the years we humans have made knives, medicine, and cars to help us out everyday of our lives. Are you still hesitant if god really created the universe or not? This is what god himself said in the Quran for the disbelievers, “Who has created the heavens and the earth, and Who sends

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