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High School Goals

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High School Goals

I have set up some goals to get me through High School and to have fun during the time I have left as a High Schooler. Most of my goals are based around my school like to pass all my classes, play baseball, and to at least just to go to one dance. I know that if I would do all this stuff my lifer outside of school when it is over will be better and it would help me get a good job and to develop better social skills than I have right now.

My first High School goal that I want to achieve is to pass all my classes with B’s and up. The reason why this is my first goal is because if i don’t pass my classes this year I would have to go to summer school and make them up and end up missing my whole summer. Another reason why it would help me in the long run is that it will help me get a job quicker than a person without a High School education. Most importantly with good grades I can make my parents happy and I could play baseball knowing that I and doing good in school and not be afraid to be kicked off the team or to be afraid of being yelled at by my parents if I ask to go out. Outside of High School would be better too because i could hangout with my friends get a job while i am still in school to help support my mom so we could move out of my grandma’s house quicker.

My second goal would be to play baseball here at Western because when I play baseball I start to learn new things I could tryout and to help me grow more as a social person. It could impact my High School career too, I could play for Varsity and maybe get spotted by a scout and to have a showcase game where scouts from different colleges could watch me play and I could go to that school paying less than what a normal kid payed to go to that school. Playing on a Baseball team could help me with school too because I really like to play baseball and I would do anything just to play like getting good grades so I

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