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Hills like White Elephants - Symbolism

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well there are two sides to the station. on one side it is fertile. full of trees, fields of grain, a river and mountains. this means that this is one choice that she has which would be the beutiful one to have but it will be difficult( meaning the mountains) unlike the dry side, there are no trees and no shade with hills implying, simple yet dull life

She is probably being sarcastic because she is neither psychologically nor physically "fine," if by "fine" we mean normal. And the fact that she repeats it emphasizes both this sarcasm and her anoyance at the situation, esp. his reaction to her.

It always seemed to me that when Jig walks to the end of the train platform she is trying out being alone. Tring to see what it feels like. Then she walks back to a man who does not care for her as much as she cares for him. And this is what causes the reader to fel sympathy for her.

On "Hills Like White Elephants"

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Date: 09-04-05 18:19

1. The couple stand at a station in the country, between the two cities of Barcelona and Madrid. The immediate surroundings - nature, and spectacularly the white hills that suggest the pregnant woman (the pregnancy is a "white elephant, a costly possession that is an unwanted burden ) - emphasize her view of the pregnancy: it is "natural" as she points out when, looking at the river and the rich growth of the countryside, she says "And we could have all this, etc." The cities are the two contrary images and link to the "two heavy suitcases the "man" finally carries to the point where they are to board the train. The suitcases have labels all over them; moving about from city to city, the couple has been unsettled, "un-natured.

2. When the "girl" looks again at the countryside, she has realized that the relationship is dead, for she now sees "the dry side of the valley." Yet she makes one more attempt, "Doesn't it mean anything to you? We could get along." But he seals the issue with, "I don't want anybody else" - their child, to her the beautiful product of their love

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