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Hills like White Elephants

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In James Joyce story “ Araby” narrator is the young boy who deeply

falls in love with a Nun. Love is an experience that everyone one once to have in their

life. Love does not knock at the door but it comes in unknowingly in our life with joy and

happiness. It makes life interesting and everything around us looks beautiful. But if the

love remains in the heart silently than it becomes a pain. This whole story is about the

narrator’s one sided love and his suffering.

We know that first love cannot be forgotten and when it remains

unexpressed than it become more painful. The narrator who is in love with the nun was

not able to express his love towards her. May be he was afraid of telling her because she

was a nun or may be he was not strong enough. Every morning he used to follow her but

couldn’t speak a word. Love makes people do thing that he or she wouldn’t normally do.

The narrator was so crazy about her that he could see her image “ even in places the most

hostile to romance”(637). He suddenly took her name in his prayer and his “eyes were

often full of tears” (637) because of fear that he may not able tell his feeling in future.

If a person is happy than he finds the world around him is very


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