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Holden Caulfield

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Holden Caulfield shows little or no maturity in the novel The Catcher in the Rye. This is relevant in the text and proven through his actions and thoughts. Although there are times where he grows and becomes more mature, he still shows many acts of immaturity.

Everyone lies whether they are young or old but Holden lies about everything. “I’m the most terrific liar you ever saw in your life.” Holden likes to lie and this is immature. He says he would lie about everything. One of the major events in the book is centered around a lie. He goes to New York and waits for three days so his parents would not know he got expelled. Holden loves to lie and this is very immature.

When Holden realizes he has flunked out of yet another school he decides not to tell his parents. Instead he goes to New York and lives in a hotel until he is supposed to go home for Christmas break. He does not own up and tell his parents what happened, he lied. This is the fourth school Holden has flunked out of and by now he should have taken school seriously. He does not apply himself in school. Holden should have applied himself in school and gotten good grades.

The fact that Holden does not have sex is another sign of immaturity. He passes up the easiest time in the world for him to have sex. This is with Sunny the prostitute. He lies and says he had surgery and therefore did not have enough energy. He does this so he does not have

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