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How Can Students Avoid Repeating Classes?

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Dillon Amidas

English 79

March 29, 2016

How can students avoid repeating classes?

Many students wonder how can they avoid taking certain classes that hold them back from moving forward to their next destination. From my personal experience, I did have problems with certain classes that I needed to pass in order to move on my next adventure. The class I could not pass was English, and the main reason why I lacked in this class was because I am good at speaking wise, but I have trouble writing essays, term papers, and research papers. These types of papers make me wonder when and why we are going to use this type of writing style in our day-to-day job life. Besides using these types of writing styles, I figured out that I had a problem with “writing” it self, so I looked for help. I went to the workshops, the reading and writing labs, and even I hired a personal English tutor. Still I had issues in writing, so I went to the only person that can resolve my issues and that was my professor. He was cool, and great with his students and he knew his material, so I was like what heck why not give him a shot. I did and he gave me some great advice, which worked out for me at the end of the day. Professor Vandyke was my English professor and he told me three keys to passing his class which was first study the material, second; ask for tutoring from the professor, and thirdly, ask for the professors help. That’s what they are here for and that’s why they are getting paid to help students to pass the class successfully. The three main keys to avoid repeating the same class is study the material, assistance with tutoring, and ask for the professor’s help.

One way for students to avoid repeating the same class over and over is to study/research your material that your professor has given you. Most of the students in my English 79 class go to the library or just look up accurate information about their topics. Just before spring break started, professor Vandyke gave the whole class a writing topic for our next essay that was about “Mercy Killing”. Are we for it or against mercy killing, he asked the whole class what would be easier to write about and half the class chose against it and he asked a couple of students why they are against it? The students did not have an answer to the question, and he said you know why you don’t have an answer, it’s because not one of you students have three solid reasons why they you are against it. Then he told the whole class that the other half students that chose for mercy killing would have great reasons because it would be easier to write about.

Besides studying the material, my professor told me to get a tutor, and he/she could help you improve your writing skills. I went to the reading and writing center that was located in the Holt building on the Delta Stockton Campus. They were nice and had great resources to help me improve my writing skills, but I told them that I needed a tutor to help me with my English papers. The lady in the front desk said sure no problem, let me get one of our senior tutors that will happily help you with your paper. I was super excited, and not just that I would get help on my paper, but my tutor was good looking. Overall, the service was great and she did help me improve a lot by just a day of tutoring, so I asked if she wouldn’t mind helping me with the rest of my papers. My tutors name was Rebecca, and she said that it is no problem come in anytime and ask for my name or any of the others tutors they are also good too, as soon I was done with my session. The learning center said thanks for coming and your welcome back anytime.

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