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How to Successfully Cleanse a Population

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                                             How to Successfully Cleanse a Population

Our country is not the same anymore. There are angry people with selfish needs and hostile actions. People are no longer kind to each other and I don’t understand why. There is a sudden outbreak in bullying and it is spreading like an incurable virus. There are people committing an act of suicide from the detrimental words that are being said. The classrooms aren’t any better. Kids are pressured to do their best and live up to the most intelligent child in the room. If they don’t have the brain activity like Isaac Newton, then they will be regularly put down by peers who make school out to be easy. Then children go home to their electronics and find a further problem online. While their being called out over social media, they’re crying a storm more vicious then the greatest wrath Hurricane Katrina could ever throw our way. The situation isn’t even remotely looked over by adults either. The parents have their own lives to care for. Their social environment isn’t healthy to the slightest. This is unacceptable and needs to be dealt with immediately. So, I will step in as I have created a grand solution. A solution that won’t only surrender the evil within but ever the thought of hurting another. This may seem an impossible task considering the belief that man is born evil but that will be no more once I’ve cleansed all minds. A good dose of lasting peace will go some long ways with a few outstanding ideas of mine.

I want to help in any way I can, and I believe the most responsible action to execute is to use a form of fatal force. What better to scare the population then use a lethal weapon that will quickly align our nation. I mean the United States had no problem dropping a few atomic bombs on Hiroshima why should it be an issue now? There’s a country run by freedom being dreamed out there and this fear we are implementing will be miraculous. This is not an impossible task I already have a team of people more than willing to help…although they don’t know the bomb is for them. That’s beside the point if they knew what was going on and the amount of bullying that occurs they might build an even bigger bomb. Its quite hysterical how the human brain works and interacts. People may think this is an outrageous technique, but I see it no different then the camps Hitler assembled or even when Stalin forced death among his people by starvation. All put towards a good cause in my opinion; the unity of people for a better world.

The first thing to be done is bomb the densest amount of persecution in the country. That way we can send a message to the other communities that they will be saved from the worst of the worst. Of course, they shouldn’t feel to grateful since they are no better. Just because they are victims of a hierarchy of anachronism doesn’t mean they themselves are pure of any of their own evil they inflicted. There isn’t a shadow of doubt that no man is innocent. To keep people understanding, I will have doctors show a documentary of what I’m calling “The Needed Cleanse” and if they further believe this is some act of terrorism then they must be even worse than I thought! Its almost like their mental state is being controlled by Aries, the god of war. I am not offending humanity whatsoever. I’m simply keeping our country from our evident destruction. Fear is the perfect repercussion to solve these daily episodes.

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