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I Want a Wife - Judy Brudy

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In the essay “I Want A Wife,” Judy Brudy, concerns the issue of how husbands treat their wife in her point of view. The writer feels that the wife should have all the responsibilities in the relationship and the husband should be free to make his life easier. She states that if you are not fit to be a wife, then the husband can replace the wife anytime. She also points out that the women do not have time for themselves. Furthermore, she maintains that the husband's role is to go to work and bring home the money. Indeed, women’s responsibility are managing a household, taking care of the children and having a good relationship with the husband which can cause emotional and physical stress.

According to Brady, the husband think the wife should do all the housework because that's the wife’s responsibilities. The wife has to make sure the husband has everything for work. Also, the children have to be prepared for school.

One of the most significant points is that if the wife is not doing a wife's duties the husband can replace the wife any time. Firstly, the husband should not have the idea of thinking that he can have another wife. The wife is taking care of the children that are probably a handful, and cleaning the house. When the husband comes home, he’s coming home to a cook meal and to his family from a long day of work. However, this can cause emotional stress for the wife, because she's doing a lot of work around the house and with the children. As a wife she may not be able to finish most or some of her duties. “If, I by chance, I find another person more suitable as a wife I already have, I want the liberty to replace my present wife with another one.”(Brady) However, the husband thinks that his wife is fully disposable and can be replaced

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