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Submitted By: Shivam Malhotra
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The purpose or background of swimming event is to make people aware of good health. There are many exercises for every age group of people to maintain a good health.  Swimming is one of them. I want people to know its advantages. In order to make Auckland a better place to live, I have initiated this project. Swimming event will take three days 21st,22nd and 23rd  September,2017 and it will operate on lagoon pool and leisure centre, Panmure.


The goal of this project is to make Auckland, a city which is less prone to diseases. People will be made aware of their certain bad habits which, now or then, will spoil their health. One should regularly go for exercise, walk, yoga, whatever they are comfortable with. On the other hand, we have these activities like swimming, cycling, etc, which too help to maintain a good healthy body. It helps in maintaining the proper body postures and each and every person will be actually benefitted from this complete process. A proper planning and scheduling must be done in order to make the project successful and therefore all the stakeholders must take into account all the constraints such that it does not disturb the project’s budgeting and schedule. There are various risks involved in the complete lifecycle of the event, taking proper precautions and following health measures will be helpful.


As I have mentioned a number of times, swimming has its own benefits. And the big thing is that it is appropriate for all age groups. It helps to cure many diseases, all the muscles of the body go together and help the body to swim, this helps in increasing the height of an individual below 18 years of age. Swimming is a recreational activity with a lot of good points. It helps in keeping the body fit.



This project is for the common people of Auckland. It is not only a swimming event, people will be made aware of the major health problems or diseases which can be cured through swimming, or this acts as a precaution too. Competitive swimming is one of the most important part of any sport event, with sub-events in backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke, etc, which includes the movement of every body part which helps to cure some diseases to some extent. The stakeholders include Lion Foundation and Vodafone company. This swimming event will actually help each and every individual in learning the benefits of swimming.

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