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Internet Addiction Is Infecting the Nation

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Internet addiction is infecting the nation

Nearly a decade after the breakthrough of smart phones, nearly 40% of the world’s population now holds one in their hand.  The vast popularity of social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, plus the incredible amount of information available in search engines, has the nation unable to leave their phones alone for more than a few minutes. Many are worried that this internet addiction will compromise problem solving, strategic planning and time management skills of Canada’s future workforce. Another concern is that with Facebook and Twitter and such, the internet is shielding the users from face to face interaction, prioritizing their electronics over the people in front of them. Science has shown that the internet is rewiring our brains by overdeveloping the quick-thinking, distractible parts of the brain and letting the long form thinking and thought –consolidating pieces of the brain atrophy by not using them. This is dangerous both sociologically and economically because business success depends on undistracted focus, analytical accuracy and team working skills, not to mention that constantly distracted people will have trouble managing their lives. As with other addictions, the cure lies in having the determination and self-discipline to change

The internet is most definitely not affecting the nation in a negative way. People are using networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube to relieve their stress about the everyday world. Think of the inconvenience at school or at work if you didn’t have Google or emails. There are many technologies that are actually helping people with their problem solving, strategic planning and time management skills such as khan academy and the many tutorials found on YouTube. Plus in some ways, the internet has brought us all closer. How many times have rushed to pull out your phone to show your friends a funny video? Yes, electronics can be very distracting and addicting but isn’t everything? We could just as easily be distracted by books, or knitting or even studying, which all are very beneficial. The internet is definitely more of an advantage to society rather than a distraction.

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