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Irony Within the Characters of Victor Frankenstein

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The passage highlights the irony within the characters of Victor Frankenstein, the aristocratic, well-educated scientist, and the Creature, a murderous being without formal education. In the heat of the argument, Frankenstein becomes irrational and inattentive, unlike his usual collected self. Throughout the argument, Frankenstein’s excessive use of exclamatory sentences reveals his irrationality while suggesting that his ability to speak and think calmly is compromised. For example, Frankenstein yells as he addresses the Creature as an “abhorred monster,” “wretched devil,” and “vile insect,” preventing him from listening and comprehending the Creature’s statements. Instead, he focuses on degrading the Creature. Frankenstein also says that he will “extinguish the spark” of life for the Creature. Although Frankenstein had gone through great lengths to create the Creature, his anger and irrationality makes him state that he would kill the Creature in an instant, making him seem now like the murderous being instead of the Creature. The Creature, on the other hand, has a sense of rationality and humility towards Frankenstein. For example, the Creature addresses Frankenstein as his “natural lord and king,” demonstrating his sense of inferiority and submission, as well as respect for hierarchy. The Creature, with his submission towards Frankenstein, acts more human-like rather than a

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