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It’s Now or Never

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It’s Now or Never.[pic 1]

A boy. A watch. Now let’s summarize this! Connor McMuffin is a 15-year-old boy that has a teeny-weeny problem, he is a majorly lazy procrastinator! He would have a normal life as a freshman in high school, living with his parents and 2 younger siblings; frank, 13 years old, and Jason, who is 5 years old, if it weren’t for his watch. This watch was his dream come true. This watch is a portal to time travel. He could stay in bed, fast forward time, and still get the knowledge that he could get from school, in the comfort of his own bed too! So basically, he would stay in the same spot, just in a different time and with the knowledge of the time he passed. (wither it be of the future or the past). He caught the hang of the future, but he was afraid of the past. Written on the back of the watch was this:

 The time I like best is 6am

When the snow is 6 inches deep

which I'm yet to discovered

Cause I'm under the covers

Fast, fast asleep.

He concluded the rules from this riddle:

Rule number 0ne) if you want to use the watch, it has to be at 6 am sharp, and then you will come back to 6 am the time you choose.

Rule number two) you have to be under the covers when using the watch

Rule number three) everybody in the home has to be asleep, meaning that they are NOT ALLOWED TO KNOW OF THE WATCH’S EXISTENCE.

He has used the watch correctly for the past 5 years that is until his siblings find out about the watch.  It went something like this:

“What’s that?” said Jason, pointing at the watch on the eldest McMuffin’s wrist.

“Nothing…” said Connor suspiciously with sweat dripping from his forehead.

“Interesting...” said frank while rubbing his chin in thought, he then proceeded to itch his chin for he had a horrible rash.

He did his normal routine, checking the rooms to make sure that everybody was asleep, but siblings being siblings, pretended to be asleep and when Connor left, they followed him, and saw a glow coming from under Connor’s bedroom covers. Then, they were blasted to the wall. They got up, groaning in pain, to see their older brother, laying on his, looking lifeless. Jason ran to call their parents while frank cradled his older brother’s head on his lap. They took him to the hospital where they discovered that their eldest son and brother, is in a coma, a coma he might not wake up from… but he does. 3 years later! He wanted to get rid of the watch once and for all but, when he took it off and read the engravings for what he thought was the last time, it was different, it said:

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