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Jamestown Vs Plymouth

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Bianca Carrera

Ms. Harrell

English 3

August 30, 2017

Jamestown vs. Plymouth

In 1607 104 men arrived at a place in which they named Jamestown. This was in fact

the first English settlement in the New World. After this occurred about 13 years after 102 settlers who aboard the Mayflower in Massachusetts named the place they arrived in Plymouth. When these 2 colonies were formed, the English settlement was formed. However, both of these colonies share some differences and similarities that make them both important currently in our history.

The first colony that was settled was Jamestown which offered an area that was suitable

for a ship to anchor in and good defense. Plymouth also offered anchorage and a harbor. However,both of their climates differed. Jamestown had warm climate and rich soil, whereas Plymouth had a cold climate and thin soil. These new Englanders turned to shipbuilding, fishing, and trade.

The organizers of the Virginia Company wanted to expand trade and a larger market for English goods. They hoped for profit from their investment. Meanwhile, what motivated the

Pilgrims to leave England was freedom from religious mistreatment. There was more freedom in

Holland. Unfortunately, they felt as if they were losing their English heritage. When they heard

there was an English colony in Virginia they just felt as if they had to settle in the New World.

The inexperienced people and lack of work and wilderness skills led to arguments at Jamestown. In 1619 the first legislative assembly in the New World me at the church in Jamestown and then the American heritage of the government was created. Unlike the colonists in Jamestown The Pilgrims were very cooperative and hardworking. Since New England was out of the control of Virginia’s government, the

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