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Knowledge Is Powerful

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Monique Stevens                                    

Professor Kottemann

English 102 communications


Knowledge Is Powerful

“Frank “actually described two other rapes he did… And Frank had no idea what he was describing to me were acts of rape.”

I know this quote is from the beginning of the book but honestly it has stayed on my mind since I read it. I chose this quote because so many people are uneducated as to what rape really is.

        In my personal opinion rape consists of any kind of sexual harassment or contact that is unwanted by the victim. I hold strong to this opinion because I have close family members that have suffered through the traumatic experience and I know how scaring it is to live through something so horrifying. No one should ever have to be forced to go through a situation like that. Besides the victim suffering, so many lives are impacted in every case. With having a family member having suffered through this and knowing others around me suffer through this as well, I know it is one of the worst feelings in the world. To be forced to commit sexual acts or to be harassed is horrible. Rape is no joke and all university’s need to stop treating it like it is. No one should have to be scared all the time to go about their day that shouldn't even have to worry about that but nowadays the work is crazy it’s from you to decide if you want to help prevent tragedies like this.

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