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Last Moments

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Last Moments

Pain. Sadness. Loneliness. That’s how I felt after I found out that my cat had passed away. I was in a state of shock, and for a moment, I was numb. I could not believe that my best friend, my dear cat had passed away. After I had mustered up the courage to ask what happened, I did. I found out that my cat had eaten some kind of rat poison, and that when my parents came home from dancing, there was nothing to be done. My mom also told me that they tried to give my cat some food and milk, but my cat could not eat or drink anymore. When my mom finished, I was angry that she didn’t wake me up to spend the last moments of my cat’s life with her.

Later that morning, I went out to our backyard to look for my cat’s grave. I was still a bit angry, but it has started to be replaced by sadness as I came to terms that my cat is really gone. As I was looking around our backyard, I didn't see any place that my cat would be buried. I could not pick a place because they did not feel right. When my eyes landed on the woods, I decided that that's where I wanted my cat to be buried. With a little bit of confidence, I went into the forest to look for the burial place. After I spent a couple of minutes looking around, I came upon a place that was perfect. It was near our house, under a tree. It was peaceful and quiet. I knew that I wanted my cat to be buried there. The place stood out. After I started to make my way back to the house, my anger started to go away and started to be replaced by pain. When I told my parents about the place I found, they

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