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Louise Can’t Mak Decision with Her Own Will

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Wang Jian

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Louise can’t make

Decision with her own will.

Louise is determined

Louise says she wants to make decision, just like she can make decision with her own will, but it isn’t the real free will, that can only to be called Ayer’s style free. I will explain my view by two reasons.

First, I remember there is a sentence in the novel, which is “The existence of free will means that we cannot predict the future” (29). That means free will and predicting future is contradicting, in other words, Louise has the ability of predicting future, therefore she can’t own free will. Furthermore, when I read this book, I always had a question, why can Louise do something and say something correctly as she has known, just like an actor performing with word and script on stage, every detail can’t be wrong. Usually it is impossible. Summarize the details of her life, I know the answer. The woman is not saying or doing something because she knows she will say or do something in the future, but because at that time and case she must use that sentence exactly, it depends on outside, inevitability.

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