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Mac - the Witness

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Mac was walking down the street with his newly bought groceries, he was headed back to his small two room apartment that was only a couple blocks away. He decided to cut through the back alley behind the drycleaners to get to his apartment faster so he could catch start of the monday night football game. Two men came around the corner yelling and shoving each other, one in a white t-shirt and hat and the other in a black sweater with the hood up. The man in the black hoodie shoved the other onto the ground, it appeared the the two men haven't noticed Mac yet. The man in the black sweater mumbled something to the other man, Mac couldn't make it out. The man then pulled a knife out of his backpack and pounced onto the other man, the man let out a blood curdling scream. No one was around except Mac. Mac dropped his grocery bags and ran the other direction. To Mac it seemed that the man had not noticed, once mac got around the corner he stopped to catch his breath. He peaked back around the corner a second later and saw the man running towards him with his knife in hand. Mac’s stomach grew sick with fear as ran the opposite direction. Mac heard the mans scream in his head again and started to feel a little dizzy, he bolted around the next corner and wobbled into the the dry cleaners, he told the lady at the counter to get down and hide behind the counter. They stayed where they were for a couple minutes, while they were there Mac explained the situation to the lady. Once they knew he was gone they got back up and Mac left the store, although Mac was a little shaken up by the situation but got over it quickly. Mac raced back to his apartment so he didn't miss the game.

As soon as Mac got back he opened his door, dove onto his couch, and flipped on the TV. The game had just started. Mac eagerly watched the game till halftime, then passed out after the long day he had, Mac pretty much forgot about what happened earlier. Mac was awoken by five loud knocks on his wooden door around seven o'clock that next morning. Mac rattled himself awake to answer the door, as Mac approached the door the knocks grew louder. Mac was still waking up then the thought that the person at the door could be the man Mac saw yesterday darted through his mind. Right as Mac pressed his eye up against the peephole, the man shouted, “open up now!”

It was the man from the back alley. Mac sprinted to the fire escape and he could hear the man fiddling with the lock on his door. The man yelled, “you know I can hear you in there!” Mac’s heart started pumping, he heard the door make a loud cracking noise. The man must've rammed his weapon through the door. Mac lives on the second floor of his apartment building so he slid down the fire escape quickly. Mac jumped into his car and struggled to get the

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