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There’s many trades that keep America running. Doctors, technicians, mechanics, etc., but one is on the rise everyday. That would be the occupation of being a machinist. The career of a machinist is unique, as it offers dangerous work conditions, requires years of school, and promises high pay for the necessary skills.

As a machinist, you must know many natural skills. Being well tempered and patient will be a trait used all the time. Due to the stress and patience that is required to machine a part. Since the shops are hot and lifting heavy objects all the time, they say being in good shape could help you last longer in this trade, due to the many injuries that happen everyday. Knowing your basic measurement skills and math is a big part in the trade. If you have a good knowledge of those two traits, being a machinist will come easy for you and not hard as it is for many in the trade today. On spare time, if you have access to a lathe or a mill, you may work on N.I.M.S. certified blueprints that will dramatically increase your machining skills. “Practicing projects form the National Institute for Metal Working Skills (N.I.M.S.) will really help you with your machining skills” (Machining 1).

Every year, more openings in different shops are becoming available and they are specifically looking for young people. So the demand for the trade increases every year. To do this, it may be good to know what type of shop environments you are getting into. Most shops are dirty (such as manual machine shops) and some are relatively clean (C.N.C. shops). Newer shops may be air conditioned for a more pleasing work environment, as the older ones are hot and muggy. Which a tolerance for a hot, humid environment is needed to do the work required. “On hot days, some shops may get over one hundred-ten degrees. Machining isn’t for everyone and this is one of the main reasons why” (Mach. Outlook1)!

Sticking with this trade can reward you big time in the end. A lot of benefits can be earned while there is always a good retirement plan you can set up when you are ready to do so. In your first year, you may only make sixteen to twenty three thousand dollars. While some four year machinists make a little over eighty thousand annually and it is going up every year as is the demand for workers. Machinist usually work Mondays through Fridays with weekends off, but in some shops, working a Saturday or maybe a Sunday could become time and a half, or maybe even double time. Shifts vary between night and day shifts, most workers switch between “days and nights” throughout the year.

Education for this trade comes with experience. Having good math skills is a good

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