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Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli

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Jonathan De La Cruz

Period 1


Book Review 1

A month ago I read a book called Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. It was published in 1990 in New York, Boston.

         The main character in the story is Maniac, a kid who wanted to be a baseball player. He wants to grow and be a star baseball player like the others. But one thing that stands in his way is his brother. His brother is always bossing him around that when he goes to practice he always arrives late and has to be punished for being late like run around the field or do pushups for it.

        Actually, that is the basic plot because as he gets older his brother is still getting in the way of him. But he is still good to play because the coach has knew sense that his brother is always putting up to him and always arrives late.

        The main conflict, then, is Person vs. Person: Maniac goes against his brother. It is an external conflict because he has to step up to his brother and if not he will always be getting put down by him. Another example is that one time his brother told Maniac to go inside a restaurant and to tell them that he wanted the biggest steak they had and when he got done eating the manager said “How are you going to pay for that.” And then Maniac responded with my brother said “that when you are a rookie you get to eat for free.” Then Maniac had to work because he wasn’t able to afford the food he bought.

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