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My Darkness by Jordan Grace

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Should Students Who Fight Get Sent to Alternative School?

By Jordan Grace

There’s certainly two sides to that question just as there’s two sides to the story in which caused the opposing confliction between the students. In which I plan to touch basis with both sides. But, before I do; there’s a much more in-depth question at task. Are students allowed to protect themselves, without being reprimanded?

Now being a young adult or millennial as were now proclaimed, I have been taught to stand my ground. Not to allow anyone to cause physical abuse to my person. In which I must agree. Being as though I can only speak for my generation on a first-hand basis, there’s a huge problem with bullying at schools all across America. I for one refuse to be bullied. If fighting for my own protection is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. I am a student who finds importance in my education and plans to further it to achieve my life’s goals. And an alternative school isn’t going to raise my G.P.A.

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