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My Writing Experience

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Anthony Cornwall Cornwall 1

English 101

Mrs. McConnel

30 August 2016

My Writing Experience

Writing is definitely not my favorite class. I have always wanted to become a more affective writer though. In college, writing essays are a big deal and I want to be better at it. I feel that writing is important and a great way to express your feelings. Writing releases my stresses and gives some time to just let my ideas flow. I love to write in my journal and talk about my day. Overall, writing for me is a relaxing time for me.

My writer skills are not the greatest. That is why I wanted to take this class. I wanted to take my writing to the next level and really stand out. I have potential to become a good writer but I don’t think I have had the right teacher to really help me understand the proper skills and tricks. I love how Rick Riordan writes his books. He is the only writer that I truly admire. His books are the kind of writing that I want to acquire.

My most satisfying writing experience was when I was in 6th grade. I wrote an essay that I worked forever on and the teacher thought it

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