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North Korea's NuClear Outbreak

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Keaton Bussell


English 1301-8th


Annotated Bibliography

Source 1

Beck, Peter M. "Engagement with North Korea: A Viable Alternative." Pacific Affairs, vol. 84, no. 3, 2011, p. 590. General OneFile

Summary: As North Korea advances in their nuclear warfare the U.N. tries to find some way to bring the process to a halt. Stopping these advancements is a task by itself but North Korea says the United States would have to strike a grand bargain with them. After Japan Tried a strong approach It hardly worked at all. North Korea will not stop their nuclear activity.

Key Quotes

  • “At the same time, Japan's hard-line approach has achieved little.”
  • “Beijing clearly does not want the two Koreas to unify, but denuclearization appears to be a much lower priority.”

Source 2

Wagner, Alex. "Bush challenges North Korean adherence to nuclear freeze. (News and Negotiations)." Arms Control Today, Apr. 2002, p. 26. General OneFile2017.

Summary: Bush helps bring the nuclear advancements to a stop for the first time in 1994. In 2005 there was a suspected nuclear plant and North Korea denied inspection.  North Korea has followed the U.S. nuclear policy almost exactly all the way up until 2013.

Key Quotes

  •  “Administration officials maintain that Pyongyang needs to allow inspections now because "a significant portion" of the first reactor is expected to be completed in 2005 and the IAEA needs three to four years to complete its accounting of North Korea's past nuclear activities.”
  • “For the first time since North Korea agreed to freeze its nuclear program in 1994, the White House indicated March 20 that it would not certify to Congress that Pyongyang is abiding by the terms of the deal, citing its resistance to open itself up fully to international weapons inspections.”

Source 3

"China Wants to Play Peacemaker in North Korea." Daily Intelligencer, 8 Mar. 2017. General OneFile

Summary:  Chinas YI Jang tries to present steps to bring “both trains to a stop.” North Korea and the U.S. are stubborn Countries and aren’t giving way. Now that the U.S has secured Chinas contribution we can advance and create a nuclear freeze.

Key Quotes

  • “Up to now, the U.S. has sought to deter North Korea's nuclear ambitions through economic sanctions. And on that front, it has secured China's limited cooperation.”
  • “Yi suggested that once these brakes are applied, the two trains could be rerouted to a negotiating table.”

Source 4

Kerr, Paul. "North Korea skips six-party talks." Arms Control Today, Oct. 2004, p. 35. General OneFile

Summary: North Korea refuses to participate in the six-party talks. North Korea refuses to take blame for the 2002 crisis and tries to put It on the U.S. The remaining 5 parties are going to have another meeting with or without North Korea.

Key Quotes

  •  “The other five parties have said they will work to make sure another round takes place.”
  • “The talks are designed to resolve the most recent North Korean nuclear crisis, which began in October 2002 when U.S. officials claimed that their North Korean counterparts had acknowledged having a clandestine uranium-enrichment program.”
  • “Seeking to shift the blame for the delay, North Korea argued in a Sept. 27 government newspaper article that the United States has "destroyed the fundamental basis" of the talks.”

Source 5

"Ringleader. (News Cartoon)." Current Events, a Weekly Reader publication, 21 Feb. 2003, p. 4+. General OneFile

Summary: The world waits to see what the U.S. will do in order to stop Kim Jong II. Some say North Korea is trying to get money due to the shortage of food and a bad economy. A cartoon Provides Uncle Sam Much taller then Kim Jong II.

Key Quotes

  •  “The world is waiting to see whether the United States will stop North Korea from resuming nuclear activity.”
  • “North Korea is much shorter than Uncle Sam in the picture.”
  • “Some people say the communist country is using the threat to get much-needed food and money from the United States.”

Source 6

Barnes, Diane. "U.S. Intel Chief Confirms Growing North Korean Reactor Relaunch.", 29 Jan. 2014. General OneFile,

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