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One Child Policy in China

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Write an evaluative essay in English for advantages and disadvantages of Chinese traditional family. 600 words

In 1979, when the population of China was 970 million, leader Deng Xiao Ping introduced the one child policy to the Chinese society in order to prevent overpopulation. However, on the 30th of October, the rule was abolished. These were some advantages and disadvantages that came with the policy.

China is a booming country or population. It currently hosts a great population of 1.4 billion people and sits at the top of the leader board of the most populated country in the world. Though it’s an achievement worth celebrating, overpopulation does come with its faults. According to research, the one child policy had prevented over 400million more lives in China. This is a beneficial outcome for the nation workforce as the country’s food, education, government and housing resources are decreasing.

Furthermore, China’s one child policy has enabled more positive aspects for the parents as they are offered no interests with their loans, that subsides the pricing of education and housing. This further implemented that if there are less population, more jobs were available to those who were unemployed. Therefore, the nation’s poverty and unemployment rate naturally decreased because of the policy.


Additionally, the one child policy was also greatly supported by the Chinese population. Over 76% were for the policy as it brought upon uplifting benefits to them. One of these benefits were to the female population of china. Due to the one child policy, the role females were changed from the traditional Chinese cultures. Families who support their female children to go to school and other opportunities that weren’t necessary favoured in the past for females.

While this rule enabled many profitable views on the one child policy, like all good things, it comes with a bad side too. This policy brought upon many devastating results to China. The abortion rates skyrocketed after the rule was set. As mentioned earlier, it prevented over 4 million births. Most families only child is greatly affected by this policy, as it places a huge amount of responsibility and high expectations on the child’s shoulders as the family only has one child to rely upon. This can cause underage stress and depression for some and bring upon unhappiness to families.

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