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People Are Surprisingly a Lot Alike and Different

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Brett Block

Diana Morton

English Comp 1

February 20, 2019

People are Surprisingly a lot alike and Different

            Humans all have very similar traits. People are alike in a lot of ways but also very different. You would be surprised of how alike you could be with someone you would never think of. Obviously, you are going to have your differences as well. A great example of this are Malcolm X and me. Malcolm X and I are alike in a lot of ways I would have never considered. We are similar in a couple of ways. We both lack confidence at times, and we both are allowing education to change our life and lead us to success. We are also very different in some things as well. The way we learn are almost complete opposites of each other. Our work ethics are also different, Malcolm X’s is a lot better than mine. People are very similar and different in surprisingly many ways.

            Confidence plays a big part in how you view yourself and how you carry yourself. Malcolm X struggled with his confidence early on when he was learning. He realized his lack of knowledge when Bimbi made him jealous of all the knowledge he knew. X also became increasingly frustrated whenever he wrote letters, because he didn’t know how to express what he wanted to say, he says “I was lucky enough to reason also that I should try to improve my penmanship. It was sad. I couldn’t even write in a straight line. (Malcolm X). I struggle with lack of confidence as well. I really lacked it when I was playing sports. I struggled with feeling confident with my skills. I was a lot better than I thought I was, and I was scared to make mistakes. I still struggle with this today and I am working on fixing it.

Education is the one of the main keys to success. It can take us to places that we would never expect as long as teach new things we would never know without it. Education helped changed Malcolm X’s life in a couple of ways. It had a huge impact on his life and changed it for the better. Education showed Malcolm X the real world and taught him about real world problems. It made him realize that there were a lot of real-world problems in this world, now that he could understand them. It showed him the problems with how the world had a problem with race issues especially in America. It also changed him as a man by showing him you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Education has not yet lead me to success like it did him. I will use him as inspiration to be successful though. If he can change and turn his life around through education, I think I can at least give it my best shot. A work ethic plays a big part in how much you can learn or how fast you can learn or do something.

Everyone has different work ethics. Some people have a very strong one and that’s why they turn successful. Malcolm X was a really good example of a great work ethic. He taught himself pretty much everything he knew. Malcolm X had to put in hours on top of hours to achieve his goals. His work ethic is one of the best I have ever seen in my life time. Some other people do not have a good work ethic. I am one of those people. I lack the great work ethic and it holds me back a lot of the time. I don’t put in the effort I need in most occasions. A big problem I have is procrastinating, I like to put things off until the last minute because I am lazy. If I could change my work ethic to be like Malcom X’s, I could be a lot more successful. Everyone has different preferences on how they learn but some people have to teach themselves.

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