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Phones Are Taking Over

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Nowadays people are always thinking, “What is the appropriate age for me to give my child a phone?”. According to a survey done by the Kaiser Family Foundation 85% of those ages 14 to 17 have cell phones. Also 69% of 11 to 14 years old’s have cell phones as well as 31% of kids ages of 8 to 10. Some smartphone owners particularly younger adults, minorities and lower income Americans depend on their smartphone for internet access. There is one important thing that could cause parents to change their minds and that is their child absolutely needing a phone to be in touch with them for safety reasons.

In my experience, I got my first phone at the age of 8 years old but as mentioned before it was for safety reasons. I would walk to the bus stop and have to wait for my parents after school and I would have to send them a message or call them. My phone did have internet and everything, but I didn’t really use it. I would just use to call or text if I was home alone or waiting on the bus like I said before. To keep them updated on my location and other stuff because I live in a bad area and there was always kidnapping and shootings.

But now children are getting their phones younger than age 8 and I don’t think that is good for their learning process. Young Toddlers are now able to figure out smartphones because their parents give them a phone at a young age to keep them distracted on video games or TV shows rather than real life. If it was my choice I would keep them busy with other stuff such as outside activities, board games, and family time. It is a lot heathier for them to get bonding time than just watching a tv show on a phone all the time.

I think the age would probably be around the middle school which would be between 11 or 12. I am also thinking about social media and how that plays a big part of that too. Social media controls people a lot and can make them a bad person because of all the bad and negative stuff out there. They are more concerned about what is happening on social media than in real life. Phones tend to control people and make them act differently because of all the stuff that is on it now like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and so on. While texting, emailing, and going online dominate, a majority of Americans also use their smartphones for social

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