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Public Prayers at High School Sporting Events

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Public Prayers at High School Sporting Events

The Supreme Court has just received Santa Fe v the people, in this case the students was banned from saying a prayer at a foot ball game . The constitution protects the right to free speech. Therefore, there is no reason for this case to have come up in the first place. If someone does not want to hear a prayer, they do not have to listen to it. If I were the judge I would rule that banning prayer at school events is unconstitutional.

The first reason I would use that banning prayer is unconstitutional is the first amendment to the constitution says, “ Congress shall make no laws against free expression of religion”. The right to free expression of religion is one of the fundamental freedoms this country was founded on. Therefore, if Congress was to pass a law that limits the expression of religion this would undermine what the forefathers wrote in to the constitution. It is a shame that we have a few people that think the separation of church and state means that the school can not even have a prayer. This I not what the forefathers mint when they wrote that the separation of church and state in to the constitution.

The second reason I would rule banning a student from praying at any school event is, it would be a violation of their free speech. This is the right to say you do not think a prayer should be said at a high school sporting event or the right to say a prayer if you so wish. Some people say that saying a prayer before a high schools event infringes on other peoples rights. It is surprising to me how some people can not see their banning saying a prayer infringes on their own rights. I believe that people should be more tolerant and consecrate of the people around them.

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