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Raisin of the Sun Analysis

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Discussion Post Focusing on Prompts 1 and 3

Peer Review: Literary Analysis 1


Instructions: Reviewers, when parts I and II are completed, copy and paste the peer review into the week 3 peer-review DF as a reply to the peer you reviewed. Do not attach a document; rather, please copy and paste into the DF. Writers, use the feedback on your peer reviews to help revise your essays for your final draft submission due in week 4.


Part I: To assess the paper’s completion of assignment basics, fill in the following check-off guide. Any “nos” equal areas the writer should attend to before submitting his or her final draft.


 Assignment Basics:




Comments? (What is working well? Why? How does the paper fulfill the criteria?)



Comments? (Specific suggestions for how to improve or where to look for help.)

Paper is 3-4 pages in length?



Paper is formatted according to APA or Turabian standards? Check quotations and margins.  If the reviewer is not sure, he or she should see the Libguides on the library website.


Not in the correct format.  Headings and margins are not correct. For either format required you should be able to find a template on the library.seu website. It is very helpful

Paper is headed according to APA or Turabian standards.



No. See Above.

Paper includes a Reference page in addition to the 3-4 pages of composition?

Reference was provided. Not on it’s own page.

Be sure to list your reference on a separate page and put a title on it.

Introduction includes  the text/s and author/s under discussion in the introduction?

The introduction is well written aside from spelling and grammar errors.


Introduction includes a thesis that makes an assertion about a clear topic?

While you do state a thesis at the end of your introduction. I would consider making your thesis more detail or changing some of your main points.


Conclusion leaves the reader thinking about the importance of the essay’s main idea and how they lead to a fuller or more nuanced understanding the drama?


While the conclusion was good, it sounded as if your thesis changed.

Quotations in the paper are incorporated into the author’s sentences as directed in the How to Write about Literature guide? (See how to avoid dropped quotations if you need a refresher on this skill.)




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