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Romeo & Juliet Ѓё Balcony Scene Character Comparison

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Balcony Scene (Act 2, Scene 1) in Romeo and Juliet is almost certainly the most famous scene throughout the world. The prevalent reason for it being famous is that this scene is the scene where the two lovers come together, took an oath for their love and plan to marry. This scene foreshadows the next scene, their marriage, which is tremendously important for the rest of the play. In my opinion, there is one more reason for ЃgBalcony SceneЃh to be famous. In this scene, Shakespeare reveals the characteristics of the protagonists, Romeo and Juliet, in their speeches secretly. If we analyze them, we see that despite their exalted love, Romeo and Juliet are quite opposite characters which seem like they can never get on well. However from the great attraction between them we can conclude that they complete each other. On one hand, Romeo is the irrational part of this complete couple. As we can understand from his words, his only interest seems to be Juliet. He is quite imaginative and finds marvelous metaphors and similes for Juliet: ЃgIt is the east, and Juliet is the sun.Ѓh (2.1.45). he is impressed with her and wishes lots of thins about her –ЃgO speak again, bright angelЃh (2.1.68), ЃgO that I were a glove upon that hand/ That I might touch that cheek!Ѓh (2.1.66-67). Those wishes of Romeo also show that he is imaginative. In addition to him being imaginative, this also shows that he is lost in his love. To continue with RomeoЃfs character we can say that he is not afraid of thee consequences of his actions, because he is blinded by his love for Juliet. As a proof, we can reference to 2.1.118-120: ЃgAnd but thou love me, let them find me here;/ My life better ended by their hate/ Than death prorogued, wanting of thy love.Ѓh. If we consider them as a Yin-Yang in which Yin and Yang (good and bad), in terms of confidence, Romeo would be ЃgYinЃh. He is really self-confident as we can understand from his quote ЃgTherefore thy kinsmen are no stop to meЃh (2.1.111). In this quote we see him being confident of JulietЃfs relative not being able to kill him. He doesnЃft accept the fact that he fell in love with the last person in the world who he shall fall in love with and that this love would cause terrible consequences even though it was cost into RomeoЃfs face couple of times. Yet he enjoys his love without worrying much and caring about the consequences.

On the other hand, our female protagonist Juliet is the rational part of this Yin-Yang despite her younger age. She is aware of the fact that their love would cause more troubles and make the blood feud between their families come to light again. She knows her relatives would kill Romeo if they see him near Juliet as it is proven in the quote ЃgIf they do see thee, they wick murder

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