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Romeo & Juliet

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Romeo & Juliet

‘Romeo and Juliet’ was written in the year 1595 by William Shakespeare. The story is based of two teenagers who are in a love affair. It is set in Verona, Italy. In this essay I shall explore how Juliet is not a typical renaissance daughter, but more of a modern day women.

Firstly, a typical renaissance daughter was expected to respect, her elders without questioning them. However, Juliet does respect her elders but however she does not listen to there rules they have set for her. She should also understand that her opinions are less important then her parents. But, she doesn’t as she decides to do what ever she feels she thinks is right, but not what her family wants her to do. She should be feminine in her dress. This she does take up. This shows that she is still a typical renaissance daughter in some respect. She should be loyal to her father and family. Even though she is loyal she does not listen to Capulet, who wants her hand in marriage with Paris. She is also expected to stay at home and do the domestic. This again shows us that she isn’t totally a modern day girl. Carrying on she is expected to have children at a young age. But she is not very keen on having kids at such a young age. Adding on, she should not be outspoken. But she thinks her opinion is more important. She should also accept not keeping a bank account neither owning her own property. This is a fact that a typical renaissance daughter should have neither there own property or bank account. My own point of view of Juliet is that she is a typical renaissance daughter in some aspect. But she mostly tries to be independent.

Early on in the play Juliet is expected to marry a man called ‘Paris’. Who is a young handsome looking man. She was meant to marry him but she is vary of getting married at such a young age and to a person who she don’t know and don’t love. She speaks of being a loyal wife but won’t marry him if she doesn’t like him.

“I’ll look to like, if looking liking move.”

At this time and point she is challenging her mother and father to who she shall marry. She is in a state of shock when they decide to have her married and immediately defends herself.

“It is an honour that I dream not of.”

In my point of view she is not a typical renaissance daughter as she is not supposed to challenge her parents but to pay respect to them. But se does not as she takes up what ever she thinks is best for her, which she is not supposed to. She does not believe that because they are older they most know better.

The first meeting with Romeo and Juliet is at the party which her father Capulet held in the event that Juliet was meant to meet up with Paris. After meeting each other, Juliet walks away.

She then walks away from the party and she ends up meeting Romeo who she falls in love with at first sight. They both get into a conversation and end up kissing. Even though kissing is a sin before marriage Juliet takes no concern of that and the concern of the consequence if any one were to find out. She speaks in a religious language expressing her feeling for Romeo and her relationship with him. This shows that she is serious about having a relation ship with Romeo. This shows that she is more of a modern day girl than a renaissance daughter by choosing her own husband. This shows that she is confident about her self, and that she will succeed in what she does and wants. As if that weren’t enough, knowing the truth about Romeo comes from her families enemies. She still considers keeping a relationship with Romeo. This means she is not only defying her parents by keeping a relationship but is also betraying them as well. And is committing a major sin, making her a sinner. This shows that Juliet is indeed a rebellious daughter.

At act two scene two the balcony scene. She is saying to her self that she would be willing to betray her family to keep a relationship with him. Remember she is not allowed to keep her own bank account neither owe her own property. Even if they were to keep a relationship where would they live or where would they get the money from? Unless Romeo had his own property, had his own bank account and was well funded. But Juliet refuses to acknowledge the limitations of renaissance life for a girl.

Not knowing Romeo had heard her. They

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