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Scarlet Letter Chapter 10

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While reading Chapter 10, it was weird that Pearl said Chillingworth was evil indirectly, because she never had any contact with him. When the Puritans believed in superstitions like witches and other stuff, I can’t believe that the townspeople had a belief in a man with an evil appearance. After knowing that Dimmesdale had a secret he has been hiding in the story, Chillingworth’s personality changed to dark and evil, to reveal the secret. I can’t also believe that Dimmesdale actually let him inside his house. I realized that Chillingworth is a creepy old man that wouldn’t stop from anything to find out Dimmesdale’s secret. I was really shocked when I read that Dimmesdale was at the point that he was hitting himself to express his pain inside. I questioned: was the secret really that important? He is going to die for it! I could understand why he chose to stand on the scaffold to release his guilt. He chose to stand on the scaffold to mimic Hester' punishment because he is the co-adulterer. I think that it took strength to do that, because if anyone saw him doing it, then he would face his worst fear. The author

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