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Scoliosis Narrative

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In sixth grade, I was perfectly happy with where I was, which was in the small city of Grand Junction. But about halfway through the year I figured out I suddenly had to move to the much bigger city of McAllen, Texas. The day school ended I said my tearful goodbyes to all of my friends, thinking I would never see them again. I was very happy where I was and surely did not want to leave, I had never lived anywhere but Colorado. Texas was hard to get used to, especially since I was coming from the chilly state of Colorado. We ended up only living in Texas for about a year, but towards the end of our time there I figured out something that would be extremely hard for me to deal with.

I remember having extreme pain shooting up and down my back almost constantly, but then one day I went outside to go swimming in our pool and my mom had pointed out that one of my ribs was poking out way farther than the other one. When my mom saw this she freaked out and she immediately came to the conclusion that I had popped my back out of place. My mother had frantically made an appointment for the chiropractor. A couple days later, we went in. He took a couple of X-Rays and came back a couple of minutes later with them in his hand. He quickly showed us them and explained what was going on, my spine was shaped like an S. He told us that I had scoliosis with two curves in my back measuring at 30 degrees and 40 degrees, but the good news was that I would not have to get surgery unless the curve got past 60 degrees. I regularly went to the chiropractor to try and lessen my pain. By the beginning of the next summer, it was time for me to move back to Grand Junction. We immediately found a chiropractor. I remember my first chiropractic appointment like it was yesterday, walking into the chiropractor was always nerve wracking for me, and now i was going to a completely new one. Walking in it smelt like a doctor's office. My new chiropractor immediately wanted to take x-rays of my back just to make sure my scoliosis hadn’t progressed. After we had finished taking the actual x-rays, my chiropractor took us into a very dark room and presented them to us. My curves had progressed to 50 degrees and 30 degrees, just within the last couple of months. He promised us that he could prevent the curving from furthering. I continued to go to the chiropractor weekly. I did monthly x-rays and after my second one we found out my curve was only getting worse, progressing to 80 degrees after just two months, we decided I either needed to have surgery or be crippled the rest of my life. I decided to have the surgery as soon as possible in Denver. The surgery date was September 21st, 2015. I was extremely scared, I had never had surgery so I had no idea what to expect. Preparing for the surgery was one of the scariest things I have ever done. Knowing that i was going to be cut open from my neck, to my hip and get two metal rods placed on both sides of my spine was no easy thought. But having about a three

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