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Shakespeare Tragic Hero

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The Shakespearean Tragic Hero

  1. Heroes as exceptional beings - sufferings of an unusual kind - His nature is exceptional and is raised in a respectful form that is above the average level of humanity. - Made of the stuff that is within us and by the people we are surrounded by
  2. Heroes tragic trait/fatal gift - Makes errors through action/omission which causes for the downfall - Wins sympathy through his errors - Tragic trait is his greatness which is also fatal to him
  3. Heroes goodness - Must be a person of high position - He must matter to us and we must see him as a worthwhile person - Recognizes his mistakes
  4. Ultimate power in the tragic world; the moral order - Good VS Evil - Shows itself akin (related) to good and alien from evil - Disturbed by the evil and reacts against it 
  5. Convulsion (When the moral order confronts evil in the human nature) - Evil exhibits itself as something negative - When evil within him gets his way, it destroys other people as well as himself   

     In The Shakespearean Tragic Hero, we are shown how a hero acts. A hero is someone who is shown as a higher anarchy, such as a king or queen. In Shakespeare's tragedies, we see that the hero is often the kind of person who has to face both good and evil along with the consequences that are put out due to his or her actions. A tragic hero is someone just like us. We are able to see through the character some of our own character traits and the path we are going down. We are also shown how the character is able to win sympathy through the mistakes he or she has made due to the decisions they made. When you read a Shakespearean tragedy, you are not able to put the books down because there’s so much truth within the tragedies, and in a way everyone is able to relate to them. We can see in some cases that Hagar is also a tragic hero, she makes a lot of the mistakes due to her high pride. Hagar thinks that she is the best at everything and due to her high pride, she loses everything, including one of her sons. However through the mistakes she’s made, she learns what she’s done wrong and how she could have prevented it from happening. Tragic heroes fall down, but even if they do fall down, they get back up and they learn from their mistakes.

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