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Should You Actually Watch Nbc’s the Community?

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Should you actually watch NBC’s The Community?

Jeff Winger a fast-talking and witty lawyer whose license has been revoked enrolls into Greendale Community College to obtain a legitimate degree. With the help of a motley crew of misfits, he forms a study group who eventually learn more about themselves than their coursework.

        Do you relate to college experiences? Are comedies your preferred genre? This episode alone is a great comedy to show how relatable community college in specific really is. Community came out the same year as the show Parks and Recreation, they’re both very similar since both were filmed on location, therefore had no studio audience, you can also relate to the characters in both shows. They also both had the same budget when the shows first started. In my opinion the first episode of The Community, Pilot, is a relatable representation of actual community college, with humorous and quick dialogue and great character development from the start.

        The first reason why the Pilot episode of The Community is relatable to actual community college is the characters, the characters we are introduced to are a great example on what type of people go to community college. One of the characters in the show is Troy, who was a high school quarterback and prom king, nothing more, nothing less. A guy who peaked in high school and doesn’t care about actual education usually ends up in community college… or drops out of school entirely. Another character is Abed, who is a foreign and diverse student. A quirky dork who seems to remember everything and everyone, he also shares a little too much information with people. His parents divorce is probably the reason that he is stuck in community college which later on we see his emotions. Lastly, we have Jeff Winger, the main character. He’s the type of guy who always tries to find the easy way out and asks the person next to him for all the answers, as we saw minutes into the first episode he asks one of the professors, who is also and acquaintance, for all the answers to all his tests for the semester… that should relate that there’s always a guy like that in college.

        Another reason the Pilot episode of The Community is a good introduction episode is the witty and comical dialogue, the clever movie references are a good way to relate and enhance the dialogue as well. Even at the start of the episode we see how quick and humorous it starts off when Jeff meets Abed, since Abed is energetic and quirky and Jeff is more laidback, the exchange is clever. We also start seeing amusing relationships with the characters, for example Jeff and Professor Duncan’s relationship is as interesting as it gets. They have history with each other, and they seem to have a complicated relation. A specific scene is when the two met on a football field and start arguing, it’s comical because Jeff tries using “reverse psychology” on professor Duncan who teaches Psychology, very amusing. The one scene that really stood out was towards the end of the episode where all of the characters meet each other, which is entertaining because they all start arguing and make fun of each other when they barely know one another, all their jokes are quick-thinking and lively and a little relatable. That’s also not to mention all of the breakfast club references.

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