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Should the Minimum Driving Age Be Raised?

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Should the minimum driving age be raised?

Kids dream about turning 16 so they can drive wherever they want, but are they really ready to drive? Teenagers think they are ready to drive but most likely they aren’t. Which is proven by the number of deaths due to car crashes through the years. The minimum driving age should be raised because they need a few more years to be taught and also the leading way 15-20 year olds die is because of motor vehicle accidents.

Teenagers need more time to be taught all the rules and regulations of the road. They need to have experience in every kind of situation that happens on the road that they can before they get their license. According to table 3 (source 1) , more people with a valid license violated their driving record then people with a invalid drivers license. This table shows that even if someone has their license doesn’t mean they are a good driver. Once people get their license they start becoming reckless unlike the people without a legal license. If this is true for adults it probably even more true for teenagers. From an early age teenagers need to be taught all the rules of the road and be put in situations they will have to handle on a daily basis. Also some parents are already bad drivers and teaching their kids the wrong methods to driving. They need to be taught longer and by someone who knows how to drive in order to make the roads safe.

Another reason the minimum driving age should be raised is because of how many car accidents there are that teenagers are involved in. Teenagers at 16 are simply not ready to be on the road full time. According to passage 1 (source 1), “Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death amongst 15-20 year olds.” In 2008, 2,739 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents and 228,000 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents all of these people were between the ages of 15 and 20. That is way too many deaths due to something that could be solved. If teenagers had a few more years of learning the road they would most likely have a lower injury and death rate. The minimum driving age does

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