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Social Media the Social Malignity

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Connor Wells

Professor Mica Mecham

7 October 2017

Social Media the Social Malignity

I can’t believe they put that on social media. It’s certain many people have induced similar negative reactions to something they’ve seen on social media. With instant access, even deleting a post can’t guarantee others won’t share it freely. Sometimes, the person procuring information vastly different from what their profile indicates. Primarily, social media is composed of negative aspects.

Many arguments have occurred over social media posts that have affected communities and even nations. I’m sure almost every American citizen can still picture the wave of protests and riots that ensued from both sides of the Ferguson, MO police incidents. Now imagine seeing a post of something like a Hillary rally or Trump rally on a social media page. That likely supported a stance that a large percentage of people viewing the post might not have agree with. Now increase the scale to that of the nation or even globally; there’ve been several instances of entire countries (for example North Korea) being angered over a single post that only expressed one individual’s thoughts. Essentially, most people cannot truly be themselves on social media without facing criticism from other individual(s).

Visualize everything post on social media is accessible throughout the world. Privacy is practically non-existent in mainstream social media applications today. While this may come off as an opinion; it’s most certainly a fact. It’s not to say that social media doesn’t strive towards certain privacies, such as private profiles or user blocking. However, this can’t truly prevent people from remaining incognito from unwelcomed parties?  Still, picture it did, even those welcome followers have the liberty to share with anyone the posts they’ve seen.

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