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Summary of Chapter 7 - Lawmaker from Hamilton County

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Summary of Chapter 7 “Lawmaker from Hamilton County”.

George Washington Williams was thirty years old when he was elected to the Ohio House of Representatives. He was the fisrt member of his race.

George Washington William worked very intensive. First, he was working for committees on universities and colleges, was preparing to present bills on the floor of the House. Then Williams introduced a bill “to repeal an act entitled an act creating the office of Criminl Brief, and to prescribe his duties in counties of the first class having a population of 180,000 and upwards”, bill on police reform, he rpposed to devolve police power in the mayor. During November and December of 1879 Williams was preparing bill in opposition to intemarriage.

While being very active as a member of the House of Representatives Williams worked as a private secretary for Chrles L. Fleischman, one of the Cincinnati’s wealthiest and influential citizens, who was elected to the state’s Senate, they were Republican colleagues.

In this chapter Fraklin provides us with information about Williams’ incident in a restaurant when a waiter refused to serve him because of his race. It took place not just in any restaurant but in a restaurant where his white colleagues were having launch in the same time. Williams gets apologies. Walker wrote a resolution about these actions.

George W. Williams was the most active member of legislature. There was a big scandal about his cemetery bill.

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