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System Specification for Learning Management System

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System Specification for Learning Management System (LMS) Based on different roles required in the system

Role 1:  STUDENT

As a student, I will enquire about the course through Walk in, calling to Toll-free number, Workshop, seminar, Website, student referral or advertisement/Campaign.

While making enquiry, I will need to provide my Contact details, chat with the Counselor online or I will call to toll-free number and take some demo sessions and get details about the course.

If I doesn’t respond with 1 week, then I will receive a follow-up calls from the counselor. Even after follow-up if I doesn’t turn up, I will get mail/SMS for some scholarship/offer (say of Rs.1000/- or 1% fee waiver), if I enroll immediately on the spot and pay the initial down payment.

If I am interested in doing the course from Jetking, I will take an online assessment test and based on my assessment result, LMS will suggest a suitable course to me. After understanding the course, I can choose the learning center as per my convenience and opt for the courseand available slot at the center. For further details on the course I have the option to visit or call the center and have further inputs on the same

For me, I have option to either register the course online through LMS or visit the center physically and enroll in the program as per suggestion provided to provide to me based on my assessment result. These programs may be one year long career program or a short duration modular program based on my performance e On Enrollment, I also need to complete the documentation process within 1 month. Fail to which my user id and password will get de-activated and hence manual activation from ysystem administrator. On first login after employability assessment and fulfilling the criteria, the system will provide me a Road Map for the course content and my starting position to start the course. However I can have access of the entire curriculum prior to the suggested position and I can go through the Quiz and Assessment suggested for me. While accessing the sessions after each session there is a knowledge check on the session that I have to gone through for every day so that I will be able revise.

I can also register the course online and pay the fees. The course may be a career course or a modular course. The fee Pattern to be followed is single fee pattern for all center/Different Fee plan for different tier cities.  On enrollment, I can select a suitable batch slot for me for capacity management with Faculty and Lab. At times I am also liable for Campaign Management, Scheme Management or Scholarship. I can select Fee Plan pattern i.e.   Installment, Lump sum or a Loan from Any financial Institution. Fees pattern changes will Increase with the  number of Installments increase.  The payment can be done online through Credit card, Debit card , Net banking, Skill Vouchers, Loan from FIs, ECS, Mobile Payment ,IVR. I can purchase the Skill vouchers online or through franchisee or Vendor, Bill Desk. I will get a Roll Number which is generated based on center code .e.g.  PL-1213-0001.  Authentication of my login ID is done by sending an email to me and validating the same by me with my Roll Number by clicking on a link. This link will re-direct me to the LMS platform and on login with my Roll Number for the first time; it will ask me to change the password.  On resetting the password, I will again need to login in and take Online Assessment to check my employability level. On the basis of result of Online Assessment, the system will suggest me to take some foundation course if I am weaker. If I am stronger, I will start taking the education for the course. I being a weaker, LMS will ensure that after foundation course I will reach to a stronger level. Then only I will be able to take education for the course.  

Courseware dispatch to the student is intimated to the student via email and SMS. A link will be provided to me where I can confirm the receipt of the same. If I do not confirm, a popup will appear in LMS to confirm that I have received the courseware.

 There is a collaborative learning in terms of Chat Session, Learning Resource/Assests , Question and Answers, Group Discussions, Assessments, Go to center and give comments ,feedback & Practicals, post a complaint.  Once practical is done I have to give the assessment on the practical.

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