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Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

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In the text “Taming of the Shrew” by William Shakespeare lays out how Katherine has a very feisty attitude. Nobody really wants to marry her because she’s a lot to handle in their eyes. According to Act I, scene I, it states the men responds to marrying her with “no one would ever marry a devil like her.” Katherine was very mean, she sometimes used violence to get her point across when she’s upset. She’s not the ideal wife, she is too rough. Petruchio fit her characteristics, he was very blunt about what he wanted and will go through anything to get it. First he wanted to get married just because his father passed and he wished to marry a rich man’s daughter to augment his family fortune. Hortensio warns Petruchio about Katherine but he is not worried about her ways, he’s just good because her father is rich. Even though he is warned about her, he starts to look at it marrying Katherine more as a challenge than the money. Petruchio says, “I know she irksome, brawling scold. If that be all, masters, I hear no harm”. This shows after every cruel thing the suitors have been saying about Katherine, Petruchio still wants to wed her. This actually shows a sign that he see some kind of attractiveness by her just from what people is telling him.

Their effectiveness for each other starts to increases in Act 2 scene one. Katherine fires at Petruchio with some harsh words and he flips them and fire back at her and say way all around. In the text it states, Petruchio :“Come, come, you wasp I’faith you are to angry” Katherine: “If I be waspish, best beware my sting.” Their slick remarks were actually flirting, Katherine loved the fact that he’s doing this playing this role that he can control her. Petruchio loves this feisty woman who is not afraid

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