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The Beginning of My Story...

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In Germany, every year a big deal happens where all the people running and reaching everything they could for themselves. This is called “ Fresh food time”, fresh food time is where all the farmers from the world come and sell

their finest and rare food. Most farmers sell their best delicious vegetables,fruits,crops, wheat, herbs. Abbas was the one of the farmers, where many people prefered him more than the rest of the other farmers. Abbas is in his 20s and very good looking young farmer. Abbas was unique because he was the only arabic farmer and from the middle east to come to Germany ever! Many people loved Abbas because he gave the people the taste of middle east species. Abbas gave people arabic fruits they never seen before. Many farmers hated Abbas for many reasons. The one main reason was they had less people buying their food product and if their food product does not get sold at all they will be tortured by their boss Shawn. Shawn was one of the selfish people ever. Shawn was one of the most wealthy people of germany. Shawn would go to the poor families in the town and ask them if they would let their sons work as his farmers. All the poor families agreed right away thinking it was a good thing that Shawn made to them. The men's that become his workers think they are so lucky to become a farmer with the most wealthy person But they never knew that this was the WORST job in their entire life. The people of the town would called Shawn the great. Instead of being happy by doing good deed to the men’s by provided them a job, Shawn takes it for granted. Shawn had a beautiful daughter named Bella but her personally stinks. Bella and her maid went shopping for fresh food time deal that happening in the town. Bella was really mean to her maid sometimes she would hit and slap her. The maid name is Howra. Bella only cares about food. Bella buyed most much food and was eating them like crazy. Howra ask Bella if she can buy and eat a food because she was really hungry. Bella laughs and said no. Bella goes home leaving Howra crying in the town. Howra sees people walking in the street with food in their hand. “Don’t you worry, here you go” Howra lifts her head and see a very good looking young man with food in his hands and trying to give to her. “ Don’t be shy, here take it. It not good for you if you leave your stomach empty.” Thank you says Howra slowly to him. Howra takes the food and was eating it very fast, she was very very hungary. It was the most delicious thing she ever tasted. Howra tells the young man, “who are you”. “My bad I did not induce myself” My name is Abbas and I am a arabic farmer. OMG!!! You're the one where people loved buying your product said Howra. Yes, it me said Abbas. Abbas

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