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The College Life

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Kristy Williamson

Dr. Michael Alleman

English 1001, Section 25

02 August 2018

College Life

        The thought of attending college for some can bring a mixture of emotions. Some would agree that excitement comes to mind with the initial thought of attending college, while others would agree that attending college can cause a variation of diverse pressures. The pressures college students face can significantly play a role in the outcome of success in which one achieves. The college student may encounter several different types of pressure during his journey of expanding his education. Three different types of pressure one may encounter as a college student that could have an effect in determining the outcome of his success include, financial stress, time management, and major indecisiveness.

One type of pressure a college student may face is, financial stress. Financial stress can play a significant role as a college student tries to adjust to the new debt that is now included in his budget when he enrolled as a student. In some situations, the cost of education has prevented one from getting the education he desires. The cost of tuition, cost of gas, supplies, and other necessities now must be factored in one’s budget. There are those who attempt to juggle a job while attending college only to suffer failing grades, missed deadlines, and sleep deprivation.  Student loans begin to add up semester after semester leaving one in an additional mountain of debt. The pressure of financial stress can have life lasting effects on the college student and should be considered when making the choice to attend college.

The second type of pressure that college students may encounter is the pressure of time management. Some college students fail take into consideration the importance of using time wisely when they begin as a college student. An example of this would include procrastinating until the last minute to turn in an assignment, realizing that it is now impossible to complete before the deadline, and receive a failing grade. One may overload himself by taking an overloaded schedule and find they simply do not have the time to study nor put in the effort it takes to do well on assignments.  Attending college, balancing life, going to work, attending social events, caring for children, are all factors in which the pressure of time management peaks. One must consider his limits and adjust according to avoid the overwhelming pressure of time management conflicts.

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