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The Day My Life Changed

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As I lay there, I heard him talking. It was strange though… it was easy to detect the fear in his voice; he wasn’t the type to be afraid. Ever.

“It may be best to stay out of his way” I thought to myself “at least until he had finished talking to whomever he was”

As I heard him finish of the conversation I decide to creep down stairs, he sat there head in hands. “Get out!” he snarled, as I was spotted standing at the door. I refused to move until he told me what was wrong, and who he was talking to. So seeing that it would be best to just tell me, I wasn’t going to move. He told me what he himself had just been told.

Minutes later we were both racing around packing things making sure everything was ok , as we finished off the was a sharp honk of a horn, there was a car waiting for us.

It looked fast, black, with black wheels, tinted windows.

“Why do we need something like this?” I questioned.


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