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The Impact of Technology on Relationship

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The Impact of Technology on Relationship

“I finally realized it...People are prisoners of their phones, That’s why they are called CELL phones (UnKnown Author).” In other words, people are addicted to their phones in a non- positive way. Phones have a negative impact on today's society. Some people believe that technology doesn't impact us, but actually technology has a huge negative impact. Some reasons are that, phones offer little time for the real world, people aren't able to connect deeply with others, and phones are an addiction.

Technology has more negative effects on today's relationships than positive. Due to technology, the way many people interact with each other has changed. People tend to spend more time staying at home and sitting in front of a computer screen rather than going outside and communicating with others face to face. In the article; “ smartphones : Making Us More Social or Less ?” it states some studies show how people are addicted to their smartphones when it comes to group gatherings. A total of 89% of people said they pulled their phone out during their last group event, and 86% said someone in their group also used their phone. Now the question is, how are people using their phones when they are with friends and family? The article read that 61% read messages, 58% take photos / video, 52% send messages and answer calls, 34% check alerts, 33% make a call, 29% use an app, and 25% browse the web. People prefer using smartphones, email or social media to interact with their friends rather than talking to them face to face. These days, individuals lean towards vitalizing cell phones, email or interpersonal interaction to associate with their companions as opposed to direct talks, which has slowly separated individuals in verbal correspondent. A 2014 Nielsen overview found that the normal American burns through 11 hours on social media and more than half of that time is spent looking at a smartphone or tablet. We need people engaging in real human contact. The problem in today's society is that there are less of real human interactions because people are mostly texting and checking out families and friends on social media. There are a lot of people where they’ll start taking out their phone in a middle of a conversation while their friends are talking to them. This can cause bad impressions because no one likes to talk to someone who spends too much time on their phone ( Mustapha 1). Instead of connecting with friends and family over social media, individuals should try spending some real time with them in person ( Axe 6). Engaging in real human contact is better and very much worth your while, because you're making new friends and it feels like you're going on an adventure. This can help you tell if someone is fake or real. The good thing about this is that you can bring happiness and joy into another’s life.

Next, phones are a huge distraction to the real world. As stated in this study, more than 1100 teens and adults found that the vast majority of smartphone users checked in with their electronic devices many times a day and mostly without receiving an external alert”(Warrell, Margie 6). Research has found adult smartphone users between the ages of 18-29 are affected the most, with 73% of those studied checking their phones a few times or more within an hour (Gallop 2015). Nomophobia (no-mobile-phobia) is defined as the fear of being out of cell phone contact. For whom is this a problem? This is a problem to everybody who owns a smartphone. Some consequences of this addiction as stated in the article Nomophobia - 5 Steps to Ending Your Smartphone Addiction written by Axe states that with less face to face communication with the people around you, more anxiety happens, as well as other consequences. Not having your phone around can increase anxiety, getting less sleep and some even sleep with their phones. Being separated from their phones can increase their heart rate and blood pressure. Overall, this is a problem because people are glued to their phones, kids don’t take education seriously, and people are adopting nasty habits. Nowadays, kids are into technology and it is hard for them to leave them because they are addicted just like adults. You hardly see kids playing with toys and learning new stuff in their life because of technology. Children are learning that being connected is normal and they are missing out on the importance of human to human interaction (Axe 4). When your phone is out of reach or dead, the owners of the phones start to feel anxious or stressed out (Axe 4). This just shows that people don't even need a beep or vibration anymore to check in on their phones Psychologists define social capital or the benefit we derive from social interactions in two ways. These

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